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Zero meters above sealevel

While our beloved friends in the starboard and portside watches went up Mount Pico, we in midships stayed put on Gunilla. The others had an experience that they might be telling to their children in the future, and while our day maybe wasn’t as memorable, we had a good time.

The mountaineers left the boat as early as six-thirty to be able to catch the earliest ferry over to Pico. Many of them were awake well before that to be able to pack their bags and eat some breakfast before the big climb. As a result, Gunilla was practically empty well before breakfast. When you live 45 people in such a small area, it’s pretty nice when it’s all empty and quiet for a bit. All though now it was almost too empty.

To make the day the best it could be, we who worked in the kitchen thought of the brilliant idea of baking chocolate cake. Our amazing chef agreed and while he were away for some time we baked eight times the recipe of a vegan cake, we warmed some raspberries and whipped some cream. We made as much as two trays. Everyone ate until they felt sick and it was great. Afterwards we still had half a tray left that, now when I think about it, I don’t know what happened to it.

Later the adventurous came back home, tired, sweaty and with sore knees and legs. They had an amazing day and our day was also pretty good. Ours maybe wasn’t as cool but at least we got loads of cake.

Everyone at home, take care, use sunscreen, drink water and we’ll see you soon!

Ylva, Midships


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